Stainless steel provides facilities with durable counter top and cabinet solutions.Medical facilities are reputable for their cleanliness and sterilized environments. Every hospital, surgical center and health facility has turned to stainless steel as the main surface material throughout the building. From the tools the doctor’s use, the sinks and tables to the food preparation setup in the kitchen are all made of stainless steel – a durable alloy resistant to rusting, chipping and bacteria.

Stainless steel allows hospitals to be quick and thorough in their preparation and cleanup of surfaces both prior to or following exposure to potentially hazardous agents. Stainless steel is ubiquitous in the medical field because of its myriad useful properties. It’s so durable; stainless steel appliances have a life expectancy of nearly a century. It doesn’t warp due to temperature extremes or humidity making it the ideal material for use in hospitals.

Quick and easy disinfecting

Stainless steel is non-porous, meaning it is impermeable to air and fluids. If it comes into contact with hazardous materials, which are frequently found in medical facilities, the stainless steel surface can be wiped off with a heavy duty anti-bacterial cleaning products to quickly and thoroughly disinfect the contaminated surface.
Stainless steel does not rust due to the 10.5% chromium in its alloy composition and it’s highly durable. Many of the structural implants like pins, screws, and plates which are used during surgery are also stainless steel, due to the durability and rust-resistant properties.


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